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Today, March 25, Solemnity of the Annunciation, is celebrated in Argentina and in countries around the world the "Day of the Unborn Child", which this time will be framed Year in the Life, which called for bishops to 2011, while Congress debated bills seeking to decriminalize abortion. For this reason, throughout the country organize events and activities aimed at raising awareness about the need to defend life from conception in all its stages. Some of them are:

Buenos Aires

A Rosary for Life : March 25 to 18, in the Metropolitan Cathedral, will pray the Rosary for 8th Life in the Year of Life, will be accompanied by a Mass presided by the Archbishop of Buenos Aires and Primate of Argentina, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio , SJ. The Rosary is prayed for life on March 25 as the day the Church celebrates the Annunciation, also recalls the presentation of the encyclical "The Gospel of Life" by John Paul II (1995); in our country, the date was chosen since 1998 as the Day of the Unborn Child. As a gesture of solidarity, organizers sought the assistance of powdered milk. Reports: , , and .
In the Senate : Tuesday 29 March 1916 to 20 in the lounge Belgrano the annex building of the Senate of the Nation (income Solís 125, 4 º, Buenos Aires), is hosting a conference entitled "Celebrating Children's Day Unborn. " The activity will feature exhibits of various personalities from the academic, legal and entertainment, and entry is free. Information: (011) 6310-7612 and .
Festival of Life: Organized by the Forum of Life and Family, Saturday March 26 at 16 will be held the third Festival of Life. Starts at 16 with a march from the Plaza de los Dos Congresos (Rivadavia and Entre Rios) to Plaza Houssay (Cordoba and Junín). On the occasion will be received donations of diapers and maternal and child for Graves (Attendance Center Rising Life) and other institutions to assist pregnant women and mothers around the country. Reports: and .
Days Pastoral Care: Joining the Year in the Life, will be held at the Vicarage Flower Days Pastoral Care. The meetings will be held in the Basilica San José de Flores from Saturday March 26 for four consecutive Saturdays, between the hours of 9 to 11.30. Reports: . Progress
Socks: On Wednesday March 30 at 18 will be made the traditional march of the Socks the National Congress to demand the deputies and senators who enact legislation to ensure the protection of children from the moment of conception. The call is at 18 at the intersection of Callao and Rivadavia avenues. Reports: and .
Training Gravid volunteer : Gravid held in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires at the first conference of the year to train volunteers for service to life. Will be held on 2 and 3 April in the retreat house of the Sisters Servants of English (Montevideo 1372). Information: (011) 4522-0764 and .

Santa Fe

Week In the Life, March 25, Day of the Unborn Child, will be held at 20 Mass at the Cathedral of All Saints chaired by the archbishop, Monsignor Jose Maria Arancedo, in which collect clothes for babies and pregnant for Graves, and March 27 to 21 will be a Cantata for Life in the courtyard of the cathedral, with free admission (again solicited donations of diapers and milk powder for Graves) . Information: (0342) 4595791 / 4581780, and .

San Juan

The pro-life groups in San Juan developed a range of activities that began on March 21 and run until the 29th, to celebrate the "Week Unborn Child and Respect Life. " There will be a Rosary and Mass for Life on 25 at 19.15 in the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. Citizens will also be a celebration, a Torch Run, a panel of politicians and a theater space. Reports: and . Tucumán

Within Week of Life, today, Thursday, March 24, at 21, there will be Eucharistic adoration for life, with a meditation by the priest Ariel Busso, in the parish of Our Lady of Mercy. Meanwhile, morning, pray the Rosary for life at 19 San Francisco church and 20.30 in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Incarnation, chaired by the Archbishop of Tucumán, Monsignor Luis Héctor Villalba. Information: (0381) 4226345 / 4310617 / 4218058, and . Paraná

March 25 to 20 will celebrate Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary, which will be given the blessing to get pregnant and baby diapers (small, medium and large) as a donation for the offering, which will then be derived moms who need them. It also calls on the masses of each parish is thankful and ask for all pregnant women and to be valued and take care of life, which points to the recitation of the Rosary for unborn children and are available to those who wish, the script of the mass. The initiative has been underway since the Delegation for the Pastoral Care of Family. Information: (0343) 4311440 / 4220684 and . Mendoza

Celebration: On Friday 25 at 17, opposite the Holy Family parish in Villa Nueva, is hosting the celebration of Day of the Unborn Child with a festival at 17 and the Mass 19.30 presided by the Auxiliary Bishop Mendoza, Bishop Sergio Buenanueva.
Congress 2nd and April 3rd will be held in the city of Mendoza the first National Conference on Family and Life organized by the Federal Network of Families, with the aim of presenting to the network, "providing information and reflections on current issues that concern us all "and" create a space for meeting, exchange and development of network projects. " There will be exhibitions, workshops, testimonies of life and a visit to the gallery stands of institutions and NGOs that work for life and family. Reports: . Salta

celebrate and honor the life The Oratorio San Felipe Neri, the Pastoral Care of the Family, Pro-Life Salta and other associations and ecclesial movements of the Archdiocese of Salta are scheduled to develop different activities to celebrate and honor life. There will be activities of an educational, religious, social and cultural. March 25 to 19 will celebrate Mass at the Cathedral, presided by the Archbishop, Mario Antonio Cargnello. There is also an interfaith prayer pray, the blessing will be given to pregnant and delivered socks. Information: (0387) 4222150 / 156050494 / 154418580 / 155060385.
up: Organized Jump to the Network, on Friday held a March 25 around 9 de Julio. Participants were asked to assist with a rattle. Reports: .
Patronal Feast: quasi-parish in the Incarnation of the Word, the neighborhood Limache (Salta), the central celebration of the fiesta will be on Sunday March 27 with Mass at 10 followed by a procession through the streets of . But from today until Saturday 25 will be prepared to pray the rosary, novena and Mass daily from 20.30. Throughout these days the meditations will focus on family and life. The theme will be "With Jesus and Mary take care of our family" and some of the topics for discussion are: "The family advocate, advocate and educator of Life," "Come with us and respect our elders and the sick" and "Defend the unborn child's life." Reports: .

La Plata

Organized by the group "choose life" on 3 April at 16 VI carried out the bicycle for the Life, which will point departure and arrival square Moreno. The activity is aimed at families and responsible participants requested donation a diaper to be delivered to Children's Hospital. Reports: . Rosario

Tomorrow, the Archdiocese of Rosario will be a Day of the Living Christ Child in the church. There, in the afternoon, it will expose the Blessed Sacrament for adoration by the faithful. At 19.15, the local archbishop, Monsignor José Luis Mollaghan will lead the rosary for life. At 19.45, the rector of the church will bless the faithful with the Blessed and 20, the archbishop will preside at a Mass concelebrated Rosario.

"defend life, from mothers risk, and unborn children "is the motto of the Festival of Life to be held April 9 in the Plaza San Martín, Tres Arroyos, organized by Pro-Vida Tres Arroyos. At 15.30 there will be a bike ride through life (there will be a shorter route to walk), then there will be an arts festival. Participants were asked to help with diapers for the Maternity Hospital. The same entity organized a poster contest on "Defense of Life" in all its aspects. Reports: .


On Thursday 24 at 19.30 will pray a Rosary for Life at the Plaza Colón, in front of the Palacio Municipal de Luján, organized by the Civil Association Cultivated Luján, which is pray for those missing in the womb and will be given the blessing pregnant women.

Santiago del Estero

Thursday March 24 2130 will be an ecumenical memorial of the Unborn Child in front of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Carmen. "A baby does not know the law, but has the right to live" is the theme Family Network for Life of Santiago del Estero chose for this event public. Reports: . On Friday 25 at 20.30 there will be a Mass at the Cathedral, presided by the diocesan bishop, Bishop Francisco Polti, which will be prayed for respect for the lives of unborn children. After the Mass, the blessing will be given to pregnant women.

Puerto Iguazú Puerto Iguazú Bishop, Bishop Marcelo Raul Martorell, will preside at Mass at the Cathedral Virgen del Carmen on Friday, 25 to 20, which is the central conclusion Day of the Unborn Child in the diocese. In the remaining Parishes will be held various pastoral initiatives, prayer services and masses to call for commitment and reflection on the value of human life at all stages. Reports: .


On Friday, 25 to 19 at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Mercy Chascomús Bishop, Bishop Carlos Malfa, pray the Rosary for Life, will preside over the Eucharist and bless pregnant. The bishop in turn instructed the priests and leaders of religious and educational communities that exemplify the words of the bishops call to "celebrate life from the beginning" to hold the Mass, praying the rosary and organize worship times eucarística.Para this material was sent as a benefit to all communities. Reports: . Catamarca

The Family Ministry of the Diocese of Catamarca organizes the Week for Life which will run until Friday 25 with the slogan "Sons of the Father, the prophets of Life" in order to "promote and disseminate the value of human life" and "install theme in society for the Year of Life." On Thursday, 24 to 21 will be a mass to pray for the Argentines in the past or present victims of violence and national reconciliation. At 24 will start a day of prayer in the chapel of the Good Shepherd. At 21 on Friday, 25 will be a Mass where the blessing will be given to pregnant women and 22, a cultural festival and delivery of a pair of socks to pregnant women or babies. Information: (03833) 422003 and .

Lomas de Zamora

On Thursday March 24 Ezeiza Gravida celebrate Children's Day Unborn with a bicycle ride and praying the Stations of the Cross, the game will be from the parish of Our Lady of the Valley (French 536, Ezeiza). On Friday 25 to 18, in the same parish, held a Mass in which children will pray especially for the unborn and for the gift of life. Information: (011) 4295-1171 / 1754 and . Goya

March and Mass: "Let's go with Jesus and Mary to communicate the life" is the motto of the walk with the Diocese of Goya's Day held Unborn Child, to be held Friday, 25 to 18 from the chapel of Mary, Queen of Peace (Guatemala 866, Rose Quarter Costs) to St. Joseph the Worker parish where, at 20, will celebrate the mass. Reports: . Rosario
: For its part, the Catholic organization called New Homes pray the rosary in the square Italy, Curuzú Cuatiá (Currents) March 25 to 21 (in case of adverse weather conditions will be held in the auditorium Salesian College of San Rafael). Reports: .

San Nicolás

In the sanctuary: The Bishop of San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Monsignor Héctor Cardelli, called on the pilgrims and faithful who come to the shrine of Maria del Rosario de San Nicolás, to proclaim and celebrate the value of human life from the service . And Gravel invited to celebrate the value of unborn life from the contemplation and action in solidarity. To do this start on Friday November 25 a path of contemplation which will run for 9 months to accompany the gestation of God in Mary's womb. That same day, will receive contributions from the sanctuary furnishings, diapers and powdered milk to help pregnant women and their children receive. Reports: . Moreover, the Cultural Centre "Father Rafael Hernández" organizes activities such as a Rosary for Life, which will be prayed on Thursday 24 in the sanctuary, and a Mass on Friday, 25 to 19, also in the sanctuary. Reports: .

In Parchment:

On Friday 25 to 17 will take place in the exercise period (Avenida de Mayo and Rocha, Parchment), the laying of the cornerstone of a Monument to the Unborn Child.

San Martín

On Friday, 25 to 20 will hold a Mass at Good Shepherd Cathedral, St. Martin, to acknowledge the gift of life and pray for those responsible for protecting human life. Information: (011) 4755-1303.

San Luis

On Friday, 25 to 18 are held in the Plaza San Martín, in the city of Villa Mercedes (San Luis), a public event in favor of life in which various organizations and public and private institutions signed a Manifesto for Life. " Reports: . San Rafael

25 will be held on Friday the 13 th March on the Day of the Unborn Child, which will visit the main avenue of the city of San Rafael (Mendoza). During the rosary will be prayed at the end, facing the Monument to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, will be publicly Federal Family Network and officially launched the signature campaign for People's Initiative for the enactment of the Law on Protection Family network fosters that. Finally, the diocesan bishop, Monsignor Eduardo Maria Taussig, will give his blessing to expectant mothers and unborn children. Concepción

A group of young people from parishes Our Lady of the Rosary and Sacred Heart of Jesus, the city of Monteros (Tucumán), organizes activities related to the defense of life: March 25 parishes will be held in both the mass for Day of the Unborn Child (at 10 at Our Lady of the Rosary and the Sacred Heart 20). And the same March 25 after 21 in a Grand March for Life, from the area known as the "Wye" to the square Bernabe Araoz, whose motto is "Life, Light of men." Reports: . Rafaela

The Family Ministry of the Diocese of Rafaela, conducted in March a campaign on the Day of the Unborn, whose motto is "Life is a celebration" and through which intend to install the theme in society, particularly young people. For this purpose is provided a series of activities in high schools and universities, and distributed posters in parishes, public places, radio stations, television stations, clinics, hospitals, etc. Information: (03492) 420271 and .

Jujuy Viva La Familia Network is organizing a Grand Festival for the Day of the Unborn Child, to be held on March 25 from 18 in the complex "The Station", with free admission, which serve different local musicians and bands. Reports: and .


The auditorium of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the city of Campana (Rivadavia 413) will host the Day of the Unborn Child of the Diocese of Zárate-Campana . The conference, whose theme is "The Miracle of Life," held from 19 to 21 and will be broadcast live by regional television and radio media. Among the exhibitors is the bishop, Monsignor Oscar Sarlinga, who will make a presentation at 20.30. Reports: secretariado.curia.zaratecampana @

San Justo

March 25 at 19 the Bishop of San Justo, Bishop Baldomero Carlos Martini, will preside at Mass in the parish of Our Lady of the Mountain (Necochea 4758, La Tablada), ending with the week of life in the diocese. Reports: .

Rio Gallegos

Holy Family Parish in the city of Rio Grande (Tierra del Fuego), will celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord with 25 hours of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament recognizing Jesus in the Eucharist as the Lord of Life. Worship will begin at zero hour on Saturday 25 and will end at 1 on Sunday 26 with the solemn blessing. Information: (02964) 431643, and .

Mar del Plata

The Bishop of Mar del Plata and the Pastoral Care of Women convened to celebrate the Day of the Unborn Child with Rosary and a Mass in the parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Santa Fe 2982, Mar del Plata). The call is 25 March at 17, will begin with the Rosary, meditating on the value of life and family, and celebrate Mass 18. As an act of solidarity will be received gowns and towels for mothers admitted to the Maternal and Child Hospital. Reports: .

Other initiatives

Assignment by child unborn children: "Do it for me" is the name of a campaign to achieve the extension of the Universal and Son from conception and not only from the third month of pregnancy. The initiative is supported by members of the Federal Family Network, a grouping to be heard and Fampaz, among others. Those who wish to contribute by sending an email to ANSES can consult the text and suggested possible actions: . City

pro-life Senillosa City (Neuquén) was declared by the City Council as "City Pro-Life" example that looks quickly replicated in other cities of Patagonia, as reported Notiver. Reports: .

Radio transmission: Chain Mariana the air on Friday, Fe 25 a Marathon for life, who will head the studios of Radio Murialdo, Mendoza (AM 1290 Khz. And FM 90.5 Mhz). We will issue a special program of 10 to 20 with the aim of "reflecting, rejoice and appreciate this precious gift, in the Year of Life." Participating physicians, psychologists, priests and laity. At 18 will air live the Mass and the Rosary for Life, from the Cathedral of Buenos Aires. The program will conclude at 19.30 with the mass who will chair the Auxiliary Bishop of Mendoza, Bishop Sergio Buenanueva, in the parish Holy Family Guaymallén. Reports: , (0261) 4213392 / 4261857, and .

The Year of Living

In adherence to a Pope's proposal to conduct a prayer vigil for life on the first Sunday of Advent, 2010, Executive Committee of the Episcopal Conference of Argentina called the "Year of Life" to reaffirm "the urgent need to prioritize in our country the right to life in all its manifestations, with special emphasis on unborn children, like our brothers growing up in poverty and marginalization. " The made by the document entitled " 2011: The year of life " which was published in October last year.
And on 25 February this year he published another paper entitled "Celebrate Life from the beginning ", which is concerned "To a mindset that reduces the severity of the moral and legal abortion," and calls on hold on March 25, asking God for "the necessary strength to transform reality and that every boy and girl, are at birth, home, food and above all healthy and loving arms of parents to guide them and accompany them in their growth. "

Source: AICA


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